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The Exclusive Collection indulges connoisseurs in search of the true “art of living”, giving fabulous benefits in the best known hotels of Moscow: Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora, Marriott Moscow Grand, Marriott Moscow Tverskaya, Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel, Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya and Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky. 

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Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club is a stunning forest layout situated in a picturesque forest area just in 42 km north from Moscow in Dmitrovsky region, Tseleevo village.

Tseleevo is a world of luxury where everything meets the highest demands of Excellence level: there is a unique Golf Club, Ski resort and Polo Club. Both professionals and sports lovers can become Club members, Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club with its spectacular facilities is perfect for leisure pursuits. GOST Luxury Clubs encourages its members to practice on the exclusive golf course without being disturbed.

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It is hard to imagine that next to Sadovoye Ring a cozy oasis with an elite restaurant made after an Italian palazzo is located. The restaurant  'L'Albero' (in Italian it means ‘tree') is in a quiet Moscow park which surrounds an ancient mansion. The restaurant corresponds to its name and symbolizes the good health, stability and wealth.

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STELITT - event management agency. Moscow - Paris - London. 
STELITT explores your tastes and your cherished dreams, analyses your needs and offers corresponding services. STELITT’s purpose is to please and accompany every client, individual or corporation to the final goal…

Korston Hotel Moscow is one of the best Moscow hotels, a leading link in the chain of successfully functioning and newly built hotel-entertainment complexes in different Russian regions, united by Korston Hotel Moscow brand.
You will be pleased to find ideal combination of traditional Russian hospitality, luxury and high technology.

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Social dance is just about relaxation, dancing in nightclubs, restaurants or at parties. Fred Astaire social dance chain was founded 60 years ago in the USA by a legendary dancer of the 20th century, Hollywood and Broadway star – Fred Astaire. Since then, hundreds of thousands of lucky people all over the world have learned popular dances quickly and easily, thanks to the unique method of Fred Astaire, specifically designed for adult amateurs who cannot dance.

Discount of 10%

Discount of 10%

Restaurant Ermak boasts Siberian cuisine and looks like an ancient Russian tower: wood-made, strong and cosy. Old Russian ornamentation nicely goes together with traditionally Russian food – Ivan the Terrible would have envied the menu of viands.               
To commemorate conqueror of Siberia Ermak an enormous hall is decorated with a big wooden boat filled with food.